Kris Williams is a dedicated mom of 4, the youngest of which was born disabled, but is the treasure of her eye. She writes, publishes, and is Author to over 150+ eBooks. Kris is creative with her design work with websites, graphics, eCovers, and with her photography. Often you will find Kris inspiring others, passionately writing, and making ingenious creations of her work in various forms. Her experience and education is steeped with traditional schooling with 5 degrees, but Kris also retains some country ingenuity and grit.

Kris has written for Mobility Driven, Web Seed Publishing, Suite University, and various other publications online over the years. Three online courses or ecourses were taught at Suite University entitled How-to Make Basic Graphics, How-to Write a Children’s eBook, and Making Basic Logo’s. Webseed Publishing began Kris’s writing career and she had several topics that she devoted herself to. These included Working As A Family, Toddlers and Babies, and many more.

The eBay bug grasped Kris from 1991 – 2009 and Kris had an eBay store selling many of her products. She closed down this store in 2009 due to the new eBay policy of eBooks policy whereas the eBooks had to be sold via a physical product on DVD or CD or you paid upfront with a minimum $10 fee as an advertisement. Many eBook sellers on eBay, mostly overseas, to this day are in violation of that new law. So Kris chose to proceed in many different directions from this point in addition to her own websites.

Kris has been photographing for many years and her photography work has been showcased locally, in eBooks and books, and online for almost as long. Here is a short list of her photography talent displays:

Robbinsville Library, Graham County, NC from December 2006 – April 2007
Bryson City Library, NC for the month of October 2007.
Stecoah Heritage Festival – October 2007.
Swain County High School – Arts Festival Display for 7 weeks October – November 2007.
Sold in Murphy, NC at a local Art Store.
Sold in Ela, NC Campground Store.
Sold in Andrews, NC local artist organization.
Featured in online contests & photography physical books in the Fall of 2011.
Best of 2012 & 2013 Photography Anthology. The photograph entitled “Cheoah Point” & appears in printed book format.

The family enjoys trail hiking, family outings, forest walks, raising animals, traveling to unique and common destinations, photographing waterfalls, camping riverside, driving the Cherohala, driving and hiking the Great Smoky Mountains, river rafting, metal detecting, bird watching and much more! Western NC is the preferred location for this family to live, work, enjoy and play!

“Inspire creativity, promise, and hope!” ~Kris Williams


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