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1 page small graphic – $3 per page.
More than one page small graphic – $3 for the first page and each page thereafter is only $1 per page.
1 Unsponsored Link: $1 a link per page and they will be labeled as such.
1 Sponsored Link: $2 per page.
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No pornographic material
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No abuse in any shape, way, or form.
No political drama.
No hacking, virus, worms, or the like, links or websites or content on those websites.

Kris Williams has the sole discretion to post or NOT post any content as she wishes and she makes the finished determination of any material presented or not presented. While Kris writes all of her posts herself, she does the best to include relevant content and advertising. Sometimes those advertisements, content, and links do not match the content she is writing about.

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